Bedlam Arts is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing creative outlets for Veterans of the Armed Forces. All artists of various skill levels and specialties are welcome. Drawing upon the strengths of military service and artistic expression, we can inspire others and bring about positive change in our community. 

Veteran Art Groups

Utilizing various forms of artistic expression in our Veteran Art groups, Veterans are able to build mindfulness and centering skills while interacting a social forum.  Participants develop and improve social skills in a creative environment, as well as improve their ability to recognize and cope with difficulties related to life during and after military service. 


The word “Bedlam” originated with Bethlem Royal Hospital, an infamous psychiatric institution in London notorious for it’s chaotic history and treatment of patients admitted to the asylum. Veterans exist in controlled chaos over many environments, and return home unable to connect after becoming wired differently while adjusting to said chaos. Learning to express oneself in new ways while letting go of a little control helps us to continue embracing the chaos of each day. 

Bedlam Arts was created by Wes Davis to help Veterans find and develop creative outlets to aleviate difficult cycles of symptoms.