About Wes

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Wes Davis was born and raised in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas. Attending many different schools, art became a constant in his life. Throughout his early education, Wes attended many basic and advanced art classes exposing him to several forms of media. After graduating high school, Wes entered the Army taking him on a 13-year adventure with time stationed in Hawaii, New York, and Washington, as well as deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan.  Holding several positions during his Army career, his primary specialties were Aviation Mechanic and Medical Logistician. While stationed in Hawaii, Wes completed his Bachelors in Psychology graduating with honors from Chaminade University. Upon leaving the Army in 2013, he completed his Masters in Psychology graduating from Brandman University, and began work as a Mental Health Counselor. While helping Veterans readjust after service and participating in other community projects, Wes began a painting group for Combat Veterans. The response to the group was positive, but the overall potential of the group was found in the interpersonal interactions between members. He found that simply connecting with like-minded people in a creative environment, helped Vets reestablish a sense of belonging and purpose while engaging their minds in a positive way. Wes' artwork can be found at https://www.jagghead.com. Select the stories below for Bedlam in the News.